Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adventure #146: Han Room (KL)

Every time we go home, there are always big family meals.  No exception this time.  This evening, the family gathered at Han Room in Gardens.

No CNY meal is complete without a 撈起. This must be my....6th (at least!) this year.

Here comes the "normal" starter or starters.  Top tier - prawns with a mayo-ish sauce. Middle tier - a sort of spring role with chicken and floss. Bottom tier - a chicken and mushroom pie in tart form.  Definitely a WOW factor when this dish arrived, rather delicious too.

Between G and I......

Next came an equally interesting dish. Well, the spare ribs in itself although delicious was rather normal.  The guava concoction made the combo rather unique.

No Chinese meal is complete without a steam fish. A must have for the kids.

Fried chicken with dip. The dip was very interesting. Sweet and sour and a hint of spiciness with pomeloes and topped with dried grilled squid. A definite kick from this dish.

Steam prawns - OK.

Veggie dish. Nice presentation. OK.

The must have carbo dish. Fried ho fu with pork in egg sauce.  Excellent dish. G rated it the best in town.

No one had stomach space left for the dessert.  Looked good though.

Food quality good, location convenient and decor modern.  Only downside......not cheap!

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