Saturday, January 9, 2016

Adventure #245: Bread in Common (Perth)

We were in Perth over Easter last year to visit some relatives and were taken to a number of eateries to sample the latest Australia has to offer.  Two of them stuck with me and one is Bread In Common.

Tucked away in the residential area in Fremantle, it does not take reservation. But we were told it would be worth the wait.............. 

There were 8 of us and so we were able to sample quite a number of items on the menu.  I don't quite remember what I ate but the feeling I took away on that night was "Wow! This was certainly worth the wait!".

Oyster, lemon, house made tabasco

Cheese (Old Telegraph Road from Victoria)  with honey comb - what a combination!

Cuttlefish, black bean, peas, pepper, cajun spice

Tuna, watermelon, green beans, olive, parsley

Cured salmon, pickled tomato, chilli, shallot, basil, fennel seeds

Duck fat roasted potatoes, rosemary, garlic, ketchup

Chargrilled chicken, eggplant, capers, smoked yoghurt

Miso & beef brined beef ribeye, sake mushrooms, ginger

Lamb ribs, chilli, lime, mint, black garlic, sherry

Zucchini, capsicum, walnuts, dates, cumin

Plum, Vanilla mousse, white chocolate, basil and yoghurt sorbet

Peach, myrtle meringue, passionfruit, nectarine jelly - my favourite dish!

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