Sunday, October 13, 2013

Adventure #193: Tempura Tsunahachi つな八 (Tokyo)

We arrived in Shinjuku for a leisurely shopping day. Walked past Uniqlo and saw a queue forming outside a restaurant. The people in the queue are all Japanese. That’s a sign for good local food. From what little Chinese words there were on the board outside, we learnt that this is a tempura restaurant and they have a rather reasonably priced lunch set. So, we joined the queue.

The restaurant looked small from the outside but it was huge on the inside with counter seats (many different counter areas) as well as dinning seats. We were seated at one of the counters where 2 chefs were working.

The chef at the back worked non-stop preparing all kinds of seafood for the tempura. And the chef in front prepared the tempura and served them to us as soon as they came out of the fryer!

In this picture, the chef at the back was shelling mountains of prawns, that's after he filleted 2 huge fishes!

This is the set we ordered.  The tempura was served as and when cooked.  Cannot get any fresher than this!

In addition to the normal tempura dipping sauce, we were given 3 different types of salt.  From top, plum flavoured salt, wasabi flavoured salt and normal salt.  I think the wasabi salt is really interesting, followed closely by the plum salt.  Made the taste of the tempura so much more interesting.

Clam soup, super delicious!

All done! Yum!
The tempura was great.  Had to eat rather fast as the aircon in the restaurant was rather strong and we didn't want the tempura turning cold.   I doubt if we would have enjoyed the meal as much if we had not sat at one of the counters.  Watching the chefs work took the whole dining experience to a whole new level!


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