Saturday, April 26, 2014

Adventure #214: 棟篤食 Stand Up Eating

Saturday again and we had to wait for the older one to finish her class. So we wandered along the streets just off Leighton Road, near St. Paul Hospital.  It is a very interesting area, right next to the prosperous CWB area, all these old buildings just waiting to be redeveloped.  But in the mean time, the bottom floors are occupied by many interesting eateries. 

There is a Japanese green tea ice cream/dessert shop, a waffle shop serving sweet and savory (???) waffles, a bakery which looks like it has been there since the buildings were built.  Also newly opened is a Hello Kitty noodle shop and the queue for that bowl of noodle went all the way round the corner!  Well, Hello Kitty is not our thing, so we went to try a more traditional looking noodle shop with a highly amusing English name!

The decor on the wall is old Hong Kong, very tastefully done.

The restaurant itself looks a bit tired. And the floor (likely due to the materials used) is highly slippery......walk very slowly!

The pork neck dry flat noodle with chilly oil.  Very tasty and the bowl of accompanying soup is rather interesting.

Dry scrimp powder (I think that is the translation of what it is) noodle.  Rather good but not as good as the one we had in Macau. One day we must make it back there again. The hour ferry ride just seemed so far away these days.

Deep friend tofu. Very light and interesting. Worth a try.

Various type of dumpling in your choose of sauce. We had pork and veggy dumpling in chilli oil. Nice.

An interesting restaurant.  Decor a bit old and some of the dishes are better than others.  For a quick and simple meal in CWB, a good place to go.

Stand Up Eating
G/F Haven Court (Entrance on Haven Street)
128-138 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: 2390 9090


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