Friday, May 31, 2013

Adventure #174: 22 Ships

Finally, we made it to 22 Ships.  This tapas restaurant opens at 6pm and when we got there at 5 mins to 6pm, there was already a queue.

We got in and were seated at the bar which turned out to be rather fun eating and watching the chef prepared our food.

Menu is on the placemat.  Not too extensive. 

We started with their signature sangria.  We didn't like it.  Also too much ice, the drink gets diluted after a while.  Should have had a wine.

Salt cod brandade ortiz anchovy and herb paste. Delicious mouse-like paste.

Mussels with sherry and peas from the daily specials.  Mussels were fresh and juicy.  The sauce on the other hand was a bit bland.

Steak tartar, smoked egg dressing. Different from the ones we tasted in France and Thailand but G thought it was interestingly delicious. Presentation great.

Chorizo, clams and Jamon paella.  The chorizo were like rashes. Blended really well with the flavourful paella.  Must try. 

Goat cheese sorbet, nitro honeycomb, raspberry, oats. a very interesting dessert. The savoury sorbet (my first) went surprisingly well with the sweetness of the honeycomb and the sourness of the raspberry.

Other than the sangria, the food was generally delicious.  Lots more on the menu we haven't tried.  Will definitely be back again for seconds.

22 Ships
G/F, 22 Ship Street
Wan Chai
Tel: 2555-0722

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