Friday, February 21, 2014

Adventure #210: Flint

Bored after work today, looking for a close by restaurant for dinner and we deiced on Flint at the Marriot Hotel.  This used to JW California.  They have completely refurbished it.  I like the decor.  A bit retro.

The pre-dinner bread rolls.  Warm and rustic. Very appetising.

My clam chowder. Very rich and creamy.  Not as good as the ones we had in New England and it was delicious.

Lobster bisque.  Nice but I preferred the chowder.

Six point Berkshire black pork chop.  The chop was tender and juicy.  But so much meat, not something I would have ordered.

My veal cheek.  Presentation was excellent, so was the dish.

Loved it!

I really enjoyed the food and once again I over ate.  Next time I will just have the veal cheek!

JW Marriot Hotel
Pacific Place
88 Queensway
Tel: 2810-8366

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