Saturday, March 8, 2014

Adventure #211: Peking Garden (Central)

Since it re-opened after renovation (which was at least a couple of years ago) we have not been back. Mainly because it is so popular (particularly with the tourists) and we can never get a booking (we are rather last minute people).  This time mum-in-law in town and once again G has a craving for Peking Duck, and with some planning ahead we finally got a table for dinner on a Saturday night.

When we first walked in, the first thing to hit us was that the decor was very nice. Next came the realisation that most of the patrons were either Westerners or tourists. Starting to doubt the quality of food but too late to back out.

While we consider the menu, the little one went round taking photos of the decorations and the restaurant.

Starter - smoked fish, good.
Seafood and vermicelli pot, excellent, very tasty.
A traditional Beijing/Shanghainese dish made from egg white. Kids' favourite.
Fish soup, tasted much better than it looked. 
And finally the main dish for the evening - Peking Duck. Complete with a carving performance.
Chinese cabbage with Chinese ham, another traditional dish. Again very good, not too salty.
Buns - beef buns and onion buns.  We were so full, we had to take them home.  The beef bun admittedly not as good those served by Muslim eateries. 
Half way through the meal, a chef came out for a noodle "pulling" performance.  Definitely a tourists thing. Kids were entertained.

We were very impressed by both the decor and the quality of the food served.  Particularly good for visitors.

Peking Garden
1/F, Chater House
16-20 Alexandra House
Tel: 2526 6456

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