Friday, June 22, 2012

Adventure #77: The Chairman Restaurant

I have heard some very good feedbacks on The Chairman Restuarant, a 1-star Michelin restaurant. So when my secretary was trying to get a table, I told her to get me one on a Friday evening - and that was a month ago.

Finally, the day to sample good food arrived. With 11 hungry mouths, we were able to order a good selection of dishes.  The weather was nasty but it didn't dampen our mood. While waiting for all to arrive, we lined our hungry tummies with 3 starters.

The crispy enoki mushroom 酥炸金針菇 was very interesting - crispy, didn't really taste like mushroom though.

Next came the pan fried minced pork cakes with salted fish 馬友咸魚煎肉餅 - favourful and of course salty but when dipped in Italian vinegar, the flavours just came together and everything seems to gel.

The crispy shredded beef with honey and dried chilli 脆皮乾辣椒胡蘿蔔牛柳絲 was excellent. 

The 2 fish dishes were together  一班两食.  Again, very fresh and the fish was cooked just right.  However, at over $2,000 I didn't think it was value for money.  Maybe next time, we will stay away from the "market price" dishes.

This was an interesting one - BBQ chicken liver with Chinese bun 古法金雞配炸饅頭.  It was supposed to be an appetizer and had to be pre-ordered.  However, as the restaurant only cooks this dish once a day (i.e. all orders for the day altogether) and at around 8.15pm, we had to have it as one of the mains.  For those who love liver........yummy!

Next came the wild clams stir fried with chilli jam and basil 九層塔辣椒膏炒紐西蘭蜆.  Clams were meaty and the sauce excellent - not too spicy.

Pan fried whole crispy chicken stuffed with shrimp paste 香煎百花雞件配魚露. Again, this had to be pre-ordered.  A rather unique dish, each piece was made up of half chicken and half shrimp paste.

The braised spare ribs with preserved plums in caramelized black vinegar 話梅肉桂糖醋排骨 were GREAT.  Only flaw was the crispy sweet potatoes were no longer crispy when the dish was served.

Even the braised Chinese vegetable with salted fish paste 瑤柱咸魚醬炒芥蘭 was good. The vegetable was very fresh and the dish was flavourful but not too salty.

Our last mains, a carb dish, fried flat rice noodle with beef 豉油王牛柳邊炒陳村粉.  Kinda looked like a 乾炒牛河. Very well cooked, not oily at all.

For dessert, I had the young ginger ice cream 子薑雪糕.  I could taste the ginger but the ginger taste was not strong enough.  Instead, it was over-powered by the milky taste.

As expected, G went for the almond tea 生磨杏仁茶.  Given the excellent dishes we had, he was hoping the almond tea quality would be on par with the food.  Sadly, no, still not as good as the one in Forum.

Food was really good and we had an excellent dinner - of course the company was superb too! There are still many dishes on the menu to try. So, will be back to try them out.

The Chairman
G/F, 18 Kau U Fong
Tel: 2555 2202

Mon - Sun: 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:30

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