Monday, August 18, 2014

Adventure #222: Le Breard (Honfluer)

We spent the day before visiting many of the the world war II sites such as the D-day beaches, Pointe du Hoc and Longues-sur-mer (where the German guns still stand) and to save time we just had simple meals along the way. So when we got to Honfluer, G felt that a good meal is due.

There are a few recommended restaurants in Honfluer. After much deliberation, we chose Le Breard.

Amuse bouche clockwise from the top - watermelon and tomato gazpacho, goat cheese macaroon, cream puff with strawberry The gazpacho was refreshing not to mention very delicious. The macaroon were the best, the mix of sweet and savoury. Yum! Cream puff were so so but cannot complain.

Freshly baked bread. Although we know a lot of food is coming our way.....we just couldn't stop eating this.

Another amuse bouche. Mango with raw seabream with coconut mousse

Mackerel marinated in hazelnut oil, orange with chicory and hazelnut. This is a very interesting dish as we have not had raw mackerel before.  Very interesting combination. The nut puree was really delicious. Light and very good starter.

This is a fusion dish, Tuna served in 3 different styles (grilled, carpaccio and Japanese tempura style) with soy sauce and wasabi.  Amazing dish! Loved it!

Pollack fillet, fennel, Granny apple and dill. Never had pollack before. Combination is good. Delicious but lack a little something.
Sea bass, almond cream and lemon preserved. Sea bass was very good. The almond cream is absolutely delightful. Great dish.
Lamb, cabbages and oregano meat juice. Again the older one ordered this and loved every bite of it.

They didn't have a kid's menu but they made chicken and mashed potatoes for the little one.  According to the little one, the mashed potatoes were as good as the best one she had at the restaurant on top of Mirabel.

A selection of cheeses from the area.

Warm passion fruit souffle flavoured with"Passoa", coconut biscuit and fruit salad.  The souffle was very lite.

This was recommended by the waitress. A tart with Gariguettes, tomato and strawberry jelly, balsamic vinegar mousse and red pepper sorbet.  The dessert itself so delightful to look at.  Best of all was the red pepper sorbet (bottom left). So different and yet so delicious!

Espresso to end this wonderful meal.

Amuse bouche dessert? From the top - Pineapple, orange and lemon concoction, pistachio eclair and strawberry sorbet.  This came when we asked for the bill, i.e. after we have had our dessert and coffee. We were so full by now, hence the lighter ones such as the pineapple thing and the strawberry sorbet were more welcomed.

According to G, this is the best meal he had so far this trip.  All the dishes were unique and delicious. The amuse bouche were added delights. Very glad we chose Le Breard!

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