Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adventure #78: Bombay Dreams Indian Cuisine

Updated on 30 April 2013

After the excellent dinner last night, G refused to go back to our maid's cooking. So, he looked through the various guides and finally settled on Bombay Dreams.  Bombay Dreams has been around for a long long time but for whatever reason we never tried it.

Anyways, here we were tonight hoping to keep our culinary adventure going.  When we got to the lift lobby, there was an Indian family (including grandma and grandpa) going to the same restaurant. A good indication of the food quality.....I hope. Decor was modern and classy - not the traditional Indian joint.

They started us with a very refreshing free appetizer which consisted of crispy sliced lotus root, sweet potatoes chunks with yoghurt and tamarind sauce - yum!
Lukhnowi gosht biryani, the lamb briyani was full of flavour and yet not too spicy on the palate.

Palak Paneer, home made cottage cheese chunks with spinach. G's all time favourite. Very creamy......refused to think of the calories.

Chicken vindaloo, unlike the ones we used to have in England, this is the real McCoy - fiery hot!!!

Lucky it came with yoghurt and chopped onions.  Interesting how the yoghurt was able to neutralize the spiciness and yet bring out the flavour.

The mains were really filling but could not resist our favourite Jamun-E-Gul. An excellent dish to finish dinner with.

Update on 30 April 2013

The older one will be leaving for a 2-week school trip to Xian this weekend. So, today we took her out to dinner to spend some one-on-one time with her.  To prepare her for the food in Xian (we were told some of them spicy), we decided to go for curry at our favourite curry joint, Bombay Dreams.

In addition to our favourite dishes such as the lamb biryani and the home made cottage cheese chunks with spinach, we also wanted to order a not-so-spicy dish for the older one. 

G settle on Kadhai Gosht Kali Mirch, bonesless lamb marinated in yoghurt and crushed peppercorns cooked in a Handi without consulting the waiter. And as it turned out, this dish was very delicious, meat tender and the sauce delicious but it was more spicy than a curry. Lucky the older one had a lassi which helped cool her down.
For dessert, since there were 3 of us, in addition to our no. 1 favourite Jamun-E-Gul, we also ordered our no.2 favourite Rasmalai, cottage cheese dumplings in rabri (sweetened milk). 

Rasmalai - this is made slightly different from the ones we had. The milk had a slightly more salty taste to it. A bigger contrast of sweet and savoury. 

Bombay Dreams Indian Cruisine
4/F, 77 Wyndham Street
Tel: 2971 0001
Buffet lunch 12.00 Noon – 3.00 PM
A la carte dinner 6.00 PM to 11.00 PM daily
Sunday Bubbly Brunch Buffet 12.00 Noon to 3.00 PM

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