Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adventure #96: Lei Bistro

It's Sat and as usual we tracked to Timesquare for lunch.  Rather sick of sushi at Sen-ryo, so we thought of trying out something new.  A few doors down from Sen-ryo is a dim sum place called Lei Bistro, a spin-off of the famous Lei Garden restaurant.  Sounds good.

Didn't quite enjoyed this as I thought the eggplants were slightly under cooked.

The BBQ pork 燒肉, one of their signature dish, was very good.  Skin crispy and meat soft. However, seemed a bit pricey at $90 for such a small plate.

The BBQ pork bun was just ok lah

Fried turnip cake.  I didn't get to eat any coz this is the kids' favourite dish. And since they finished it all, it must have been good.

Lobster noodle.  One of the signature dish.  Noodle was chewy and soup base different.  An interesting dish.

The dumplings 紅油抄手 were terrible!

Steamed rice with mince pork and salty fish was acceptable.

As always, we were full but who can resist dessert? G is always in search for a good almond tea......and once again he was disappointed.

I wanted to try the 流沙 and.....
Just look at that! Best dish of the day!

On the whole, we were rather disappointed with the quality of the food here. Next time, we will stick with Sen-ryo.

Lei Bistro
Shop B217-B218
B2, Times Square
1 Matheson Street
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2602 8283

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