Friday, August 3, 2012

Adventure #92: San Xi Lou 三希樓

Haven't had Sichuan food for a while.  Tonight we gathered some fellow "eaters" for a Friday night feast at San Xi Lou at Coda Plaza.  Not an easy place to get to on a Friday evening - too close for a taxi ride (unless you don't mind being yelled at before the evening even started) and too far to walk in summer.  Anyway, in order to enjoy my dinner without guilt, I went to the gym at lunch time AND I walked from Admiralty.

And now, the FOOD!

The pork with mashed garlic 蒜泥白 was rather amazing.  Haven't had this dish for a while, most of us were deceived by the look of the mashed garlic which looked as tame as mashed potatoes.  As a result, most of us were taken by surprise on the first bit.  The garlic was deadly!!! It tasted much better subsequently once we were mentally prepared for it.

The spicy chicken 口水雞 was acceptable.  No surprises there.

The green chili pepper with century egg 青椒溏心皮 was excellent.  The century egg yolks were suitably runny 溏心.

The dumpling 紅油抄手 very tasty.  Sweet and not too spicy.

Next came a herbal fish soup 天麻魚頭湯 which was very very delicious and a welcome break from all the spiciness.  These were the ingredients of the soup, the 湯渣.

The 干煸四季豆 was nicely done with mince meat and pickle veggies.  Not oily.

The smoked duck 樟茶鴨 was very fragrant - can smell the smoke before taking the bite. A little too salty for me.

I like this one 回鍋肉 a lot.  Seemed like a lot of fatty pork from here but didn't taste fatty at all (if that was at all possible!).  We also ordered a 粉蒸排 (the one we had at another restaurant the last time was terrible, so we wanted a second try) but the waiter forgot to put down the order. Bummer!

    川麻豆腦   This was the most amazing dish of the night. Tofu and spicy fish came separately.

Mixed together and eat. Amazingly good! The spiciness of the fish totally complement the silky smooth tofu.

Although already filled to the brim with excellent food, cannot resist the dessert 流沙包.

Just look at the runny yolk filling.....soooo good!

G also had a almond tea which he thought was pretty good.

San Xi Lou
7/F, Coda Plaza
51 Garden Road
Tel: 2838 8811

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