Friday, December 21, 2012

Adventure #135: Tozanken (Hirafu)

Tozanken is a ramen restaurant.  We tried it once for lunch and took the girls back on our last evening in Niseko.

This is the Specially-made Ashahikawa Ramen.
Huge bowl of ramen in special soup base which takes 10 hours to make topped with slices of roasted pork.

Soup is delicious and the roasted pork was tender and moist.

Just look at the size of the bowl!

The second time we were there, G had the special ramen again while I opted for Hot Ramen (spicy). Although not as good as the special ramen, I preferred it as it was not as big and I just wanted to have some ramen (the special had too much meat for me)

The kids had fried chicken and fried dumplings with rice.  They liked the fried chicken but thought the dumplings were not as good as the ones we had in Kyoto.

A good place to stop over for lunch.  We waited almost an hour for dinner as someone reserved 2 tables (we didn't think you could make reservations at a ramen place) and the staff kept it for them for almost 45 mins.  I don't think they turned up at all.  We could have eaten and left in that time!

Hirafu-Zaka Street, Kutchan-cho
Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-00081

Tel: +81-136-23-4549

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