Monday, January 27, 2014

Adventure #208: Ezo Seafood (Take 2) (Hirafu)

Ezo Seafood is another of our favourites and this time we went back twice in a week! Once by ourselves and once with the Chans.  We loved it so much, the older one has elevated this to top spot!

The photo we took of James the last time we were here wasn't that good, so we had to make sure this one does him justice.

I am not an oyster fan, but these fresh oysters were just FRESH!

Some uni to get the taste buds going.

And finally THIS is what we were waiting for.  Alaskan crab legs! This time we made sure everyone had at least 1 leg each! The meat so sweet and juicy and the tangy dipping sauce, just took this to a whole new level!

Clear clam soup, so fresh and so yummy! And great for such a cold night.

I tried the clam chowder on the second visit but I think I preferred the clear clam soup better.

Deep fried Smelt.  Delicious! So crispy.  The kids loved the the dipping sauce - thousand island with a spicy twist.

Braised rock fish, always a favourite with the kids to eat with their Japanese rice.

Potato wedges. Nice but have to admit the one at Bang Bang is still unbeatable.

Grilled squid, once again delicious.

Grilled salmon with a lemony sauce.  The fish was wonderful, particularly loved the sauce.

One of the kids wanted udon and for a seafood restaurant, the quality of the ubon is excellent!

Once again, we had so much to eat, we couldn't stuff ourselves with dessert. James gave the kids some free brownies to take home.  Suspect the brownies were homemade because they were, can't think of another word, delicious!!!
Since we all voted Ezo as our favourite restaurant in Hirafu, we will undoubtedly be back again next ski season!

Ezo Seafood
170-165 Yamada, Kutchan-cho
Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0081
Tel: +81-136-22-3019

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