Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventure #104: Mooncakes - Peninsula vs Wangyue

We have stopped eating the traditional mooncake made with lotus seeds for a long time and have opted instead for a more modern and lighter version 冰皮月 However, in recent years, G's preference shifted to another modern version of the mooncake 奶黃月餅And his favourite is from Peninsula Hotel.

This year, there was a big fuss surrounding Peninsula's mooncake.  Swamps of people went to queue up at the Peninsula to buy coupons for the mooncake and when the coupons were sold out, there were still many in the queue and a small riot broke out! Only in HK. We thought there was not a chance in the world we were going to eat Peninsula's mooncake this year. So I went in search for the next best thing.

I read in a local magazine that a bakery in Kowloon called 望月, supposedly has the best 奶黃月餅 in town.  So, I arranged for our maid to pick up 2 boxes for us. 

When my 望月 mooncakes arrived, so did a box of Peninsula mooncakes! Oh well, at least now we can have a tasting and compare the two.

The well sought after mini mooncakes from Peninsula Hotel

The mini mooncakes from 望月. Master Yip, who is now a mooncake consultant at 望月 used to work at Peninsula and claims that he is the inventor of these mini mooncakes 迷你酥皮奶黃月餅.

Peninsula vs 望月

The inside of the Peninsula mooncake, filled with creamy egg custard with minced egg yolk.

The 望月 mooncake is essentially the same but it has a fluffier pastry and in the middle of the mooncake, it has a salty egg yolk. 

G dislikes having a lot of egg yolk in his mooncake so his initial reaction was that he still prefers the Peninsula ones.  However, when he tried the 望月 mooncake again without the yolk, he was not so sure.

We had a few more tastings with friends and I think the conclusion is:
It's a TIE!

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