Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adventure #189: Shanghai Lu Yang Cun Restaurant

We used to go to this restaurant a lot when it was in the main shopping mall of the WTC.  The food was good. Only problem then was that it was too popular.  Even with a reservation, we had to wait up to an hour for a table.  After a few frustrating waits, we stopped going.

Today, looking for a Shanghainese dinner in CWB, we decided to try this restaurant again. It has now moved to the 11th floor. The decor is new and is modern looking. The restaurant space is much smaller than before. When I make the reservation and I was told that there were 2 seatings on Sat 6pm and 8pm, so I picked the 6pm one. When we got there, we were surprised to be seated immediately and unlike before, the restaurant was not full.

The drunken chicken and smoked eel were good.

Haven't had the "wo pa" for a long time.  The little one really loved this dish. The sourness of the tomatoes sauce was very refreshing and the went really well with the crispy rice.

The 蔥油拌麵 was a disappointment.

This 四季豆 dish was an ok dish.

As with the 雲吞雞.

 The 獅子頭 dish was by far the best one.

Ordered the banana fritter 拔絲香蕉 for the kids. They still dunk it in cream soda but it was not done well. Another disappointment.

Food quality was reasonable. But the dishes came out too quickly. Felt rushed through the meal. Not an enjoyable dining experience.

11/F, World Trade Centre
280 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2881 6669

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