Thursday, January 8, 2015

Adventure #242: Mandarin Grill

My birthday was on a weekday and I was working on a deal, so I thought let's be safe and eat in Central. So G picked the Mandarin Grill. We haven't been for a long long time and remembered the food to be excellent.

After seated we were served amuse bouche of ham, cheese and olive.

This is most interesting as the object on the spoon is not an olive but contained something made with olive and hence served next to the little pot of olive plant. 

A selection of olive oil to accompany the freshly baked breads

This is simply called Bacon and Egg - made up of 18 weeks old suckling pig with duck egg and truffle honey sauce. Presentation is excellent (i.e. assembled right in front of me). Tasted very good but no element of surprise.

This I find more interesting.  This is called Forest Floor and it certainly looked like it. Made up of mushroom, foie gras, chicken liver and brioche.  All are not what they appear to be!

I ordered Turbot.  The dish (once again assembled in front of me) resembled the ocean floor.  Everything is edible, even the stones! Unfortunately, the turbot is a rather tough fish and I didn't enjoy this dish as much as I hoped.

G ordered the Calotte. It's beef. Served inside a "book".

Beef is good. Geoff didn't quite like the chocolaty sauce.

Soufflé - best dish of the evening

Loved the "Petite Four"!

Loved the service and the amuse bouche.  The presentation of all the dishes were excellent.  The taste however is slightly below expectation.  Food is similar to The Krug Room but for the price, I prefer the Krug Room.

Mandarin Grill
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
5 Connaught Road Central
Hong Kong
Tel: 2825 4004

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