Sunday, July 29, 2012

Adventure #91: 信得過

Going for a quick lunch before picking the kids up in the afternoon.  Pig's liver has always been one of G's favourite foods.  Today we decided to try 信得過 Trusty Gourmet in Wanchai.  Trusty Gourmet specialises in pig-inards and according to our food guide, it does not cook with MSG and only uses locally produced piglets, so I guess we can "trust" it!

The pig's livers 白灼黃沙乳豬潤 were cooked just right.

Trying not to order too many pig-inards dishes, so went for spicy chicken
口水instead.  Presentation was excellent.  The first dish consisted of meat from chicken drumstick.  The meat was really soft but the bone was not cooked through, the meat surrounding the bone was still a little pink.  I sent it back and they replaced it without complains. Good service! The replacement dish were of meat from the breast, hence a bit tough.  So, the choice was entirely up to the patrons, softer meat but a little pink or slight tough totally cooked breast.

To finish, we had intestine soup with rice vermicelli 豬生腸米線.  Yum!

Not a place one can frequent but the quality of pig-inards dishes is excellent.  When you have craving for pig-inards, you know where to go!

Trusty Gourmet

Shop A, G/F, Fasteem Mansion
307-311 Jaffe Road
Tel: 2838-7373

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