Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Adventure #126: Paul's Kitchen

Wandered over to Central, wanting to have the tomato macaroni at 勝香園 but there was already a queue there when we arrived. Didn't want to waste time waiting, so we wandered off and walked past Paul's Kitchen.  Paul's Kitchen is a Western restaurant, so we were a little surprise to see that it was offering Malaysian cuisine for lunch.

For lunch, Paul's Kitchen launched Paul's Kitchen featuring Teck, serving Malaysian set lunches. 

The set started with a simple yet delicious although not Malaysian salad with vinaigrette dressing.

The nasi lemak was almost as good as home. Not enough sambal though, had to ask for more.

The fried kway teow was OK but I think the dish was constrained by its main ingredient - the kway teow was not smooth like those we have at home.

An interesting dessert - pandan flavoured sponge cake - to finish off the meal.

Food was OK. A possible destination for those home sick days.

Paul's Kitchen
G/F, 16 Gough Street
Tel: 2815 8003

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