Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adventure #125: Happiness Seafood Restaurant

Today, Simon took us to 鯉魚門 for a seafood dinner.  We used to go to 鯉魚門 quite a bit when we first arrived. Have not been for over 10 years and thus didn't quite recognise the place when we got there. Seems like it is still a popular seafood destination as it took us a while to find a car park.  We went through a labyrinth of seafood stalls and restaurants before arriving at our destination, Happiness Seafood Restaurant.

Getting wine ready while we finalised our orders

Complimentary soup. Tasty.

Steamed prawns.  Salt water prawns, hence they appeared pale instead of red and juicy like the fresh water ones. But these were fresh and tasty.

Steamed scallops with minced garlic and 粉絲. Nice but I prefer the one at Ho Choi Restaurant.

聖子 on a bed of fried rice noodle.  Very interesting. Best dish of the night.

Steamed fish, some kind of . Nicely done.

Stir-fried crab with ginger and spring onion. Good.

Snails? Cooked in a very spicy sauce.  Eaten with a pick.  Definitely a kick.

Deep fried squid - too much flour and not crispy. Worst dish of the night.

Complimentary dessert

An interesting outing for seafood.  Definitely a place to bring visitors. 

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