Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Adventure #141: Bistro Manchu

Popped over to Soho for lunch. Today we picked Bistro Manchu which we last visited over 10 years ago.  I remembered food to be good but service not so. Let's see if 10 years made any difference. 

When we got there at about 12.30-ish, there were no other patrons.  We were shown to our seats by a waitress with an indifferent attitude. We ordered a portion of lamb dumplings and 2 noodles.  While we waited for our food, 2 more tables were filled and remained so for the entire lunch period.

After about 20 mins, food still hadn't arrived.  When asked, the waiter said that all their dumplings were made fresh when ordered, hence the wait.  And if we wanted to eat pre-made dumpling, this is not the place. It also seemed that they don't really care for the lunch time crowd. 

Finally, the dumplings arrived and they were good.

牛肉麵 Beef noodle. Beef a bit tough, not much flavour.

炸醬麵 Noodle in sauce.  OK but different, not something we were used to.

The dumplings were good but the noodles so so.  Service barely there. May be come back in another 10 years.

Bistro Manchu
G/F, 33 Elgin Street
Tel: 2536 9218

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