Saturday, January 12, 2013

Adventure #142: 店小二(東寶)

Updated on 13 April 2013

Through her contacts, Vernee managed to get us a table at the extreme-difficult-to-book 店小二 for dinner tonight.  I have heard/read about both 東寶 and 店小二 located above the North Point Municipal Market.  Not sure about the relationship of the two but definitely related.   

When we arrived at about 7pm, the 東寶 side was already full and very happening.  The 店小二 side is just getting started.  We sat at our table just outside the kitchen.  Amazing how such a small kitchen (see below) can churn out so many dishes! 

As Vernee and Bernie have been here before, they did the ordering. And what a great job they did, ordering some from the menu and some not.

Spicy eel with spring onion, served cold.  The cold crunchy eel went really well with the tanginess of the spring onion. Very refreshing.

Wasabi squid salad, served cold.  The squid fresh and the wasabi sauce very unique.  My favourite dish of the night.

清蒸馬友魚 Steamed Ma You fish.  This fish was specially reserved for us.  A very simple dish but excellently executed. Fish fresh and tasted awesome.  G's favourite dish.

Prawns on a bed of fried noodle.  Once again, delicious.

Deep fried Japanese oyster.

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  The batter very light and didn't overwhelm the oyster.

Sweet and sour pork.  This is supposedly one of their signature dishes. Sauce and pork served separately to prevent the pork getting too soggy.  However, don't know what happened, it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. Disappointing dish.

Last dish, roast chicken.  Roast to perfection, worth the wait. 

A wonderful culinary experience and very reasonably priced. Will definitely come back again.

Update on 13 April 2013
Today we went back there for dinner, taking kids with us.  In addition to some of the classics above such as the wasabi salad, the steamed fish and roast chicken, we also ordered some new dishes. The wasabi salad is still my favourite dish! 

Today, we didn't bring wine, opted for chilled beer served in a bowl.

Drunken pigeon, kids got to it before I managed to take a photo.

Deep fried squid.  Very nice.  Cripsy on the outside and tender on the inside.  As with the deep fried oysters we had the last time, the standard of their deep fried dishes are very good.

Grilled ox tongue.  Not my favourite dish but nicely done.

Liver with spring onion.  Not many places serve this dish.  Very well done. Liver tender. I enjoyed this very much.

Signature steam rice in lotus leaf. Delicious.

The food was as good as the last time.  Although the food is good, I think the food is more for adults.  The kids really didn't enjoyed it.  So, we will be back but not with the kids.

Dim Siu Yi (Tung Po)
CF1-2 Cooked Food Centre
Java Road Municipal Services Building
99 Java Road
North Point
Tel: 2893 9393

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