Friday, January 4, 2013

Adventure #138: Yat Woon Min

Today, I got tickets to see Liza Wong's concert in 新光戲院, a refurbished theatre in North Point. G and I popped over to North Point after work for a quick bite to eat before the show at 7.45pm.  We were thinking of 阿鴻小吃 but there was already a queue (although short, we didn't think we had the time to spare) when we got there at about 7pm. So, we tried the shop next door, Yat Woon Min or literally translated to be one bowl of noodle.  This shop, which had mixed reviews, is due to close later this month with no new known address. A good excuse to try.

As the name suggests, it specialises in noodle, specifically flat egg noodles.  So, that was what we had.  We also had another of its speciality, hard boiled egg in wine or 酒糟蛋.

The egg came first.  We can smell the wine instantly.

The yoke was still liquid. Good.  A refreshing mix of liquid yoke and wine.

鮑魚腩撈麵 or noodle with pork cheek.  The meat was soft and the noodle, which tasted a bit like pasta, was chewy.  I liked it but G didn't care much of the noodle.

牛腩撈麵 or noodle with beef brisket.  Not much difference, other than the meat.
I quite enjoyed the noodle even if G didn't.  Let's see if it will re-open and if the food will be the same.

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