Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adventure #139: Wing Lai Yuen Sichuan Noodle Restaurant

G bought a new car and wanted to go check out new wheels and body kits.  The only shop we know is at Wong Tai Sin.  So, on a sunny Saturday morning, we were over at Wong Tia Sin.  Just a street away from the Wong Tai Sin Temple is a Sichuan restaurant famous for its Dan Dan noodle.

Really old style - got to rinse utensils in hot water.

The fried 四季豆 was very good but a little too spicy for the kids.

The little one's favourite.  They were good but she liked it coz they were the only things she could eat!

口水雞 very well done. Meat soft. More than . Nice!

螞蟻上樹 fried vermicelli with mince meat.  Only average.

Finally, THE noodle.  Came in spicy or non-spicy. Of course we had to have the spicy one and just look at the chilli oil! G said this is by far the best dan dan noodle he had.

Will be back again soon when G brings his new car in for fitting.  I am just going to have the dan dan noodle!

Wing Lai Yuen Sze Chuen Noodles Restaurant
G/F, 15-17 Fung Tak Road
Wong Tai Sin
Tel: 2726-3818

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