Monday, April 1, 2013

Adventure #160: Cafe 69 (Koh Samui)

After a 2-hour flight on Firefly's propeller plane we arrived in Koh Samui and checked into our hotel, Anantara at Bohput.  We rarely eat in hotels because that's usually not where the good food is.  G already picked out a list of restaurants for us to try and 2 of them are within walking distance from our hotel.

Cafe 69 which we tried tonight is on the main road right outside the hotel and it serves fusion Thai.

Decor is funky. Kids said it looked like a bedroom!

We also liked the colour changing logo on the ceiling.

For drinks I ordered a passion fruit based cocktail.  Gigantic! Delicious!

Kids had something they cannot get at home - Green Fanta!

Thai chicken curry dumpling.  Delicious and great as a starter.  Very interesting presentation too!

Pad Thai for the older one.  Interesting with its signature tamarind sauce.

Kao Pad Tom Yum - Tom yum flavoured fried rice! The fried rice was not wet and full of flavour. The prawns were fresh. Very interesting and the best dish of this evening.

Gai Tod Arirang - Korean fried chicken (without chili). Ordered this for the little one. As it was without chili, it was good but without the kick. 

The food was good and I really enjoyed it as well as the funky decor and food presentation. 

Cafe 69
157/52 Bophut Avenue Apartment
Koh Samui
Tel: +66-81-978-1945

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