Sunday, April 21, 2013

Adventure #166: 羅富記粥麵專家

羅富記粥麵專家 has 3 branches in Central.  G used to frequent the one on Lynhurst Terrace as it is across the street from where he used to work.  My mum prefers the one on Queen's Road Central, no particular reason, I think she just doesn't fancy walking uphill.

Today, we popped into the one on Queen's Road Central.  It closed for a while a few months back for renovation.  So, post renovation......looked the same to me.  The cooking area and the seating area looked exactly the same.  Put in some new industrial size air-conditioners - freezing!

The standard wonton noodle.  Noodle chewy, wonton delicious. No disappointment there.

The dumplings 水餃 were also delicious with sufficient fillings and not too thick dumpling skin.

The 皮蛋鹹瘦肉粥 is G's favourite.  Not many places does this properly anymore.  The pork is supposed to be salty and in this case, it was. And yet it didn't overwhelmed the porridge. 

Another of G's favourite is 牛肉鱼片which he ordered to share with the little one. The beef was soft and the fish slices just cooked. The only complaint which the little one had on this dish was that sometimes there were little bones on the fish slices. 

魚腩粥 is my favourite. They always run out but today I am in lucky and I get to have it. This is actually a better dish for the little one as the bones on the fish belly are large and easy to remove - less chance of a fish bone accident!

G/F, 142 Queen's Road Central
G/F, 50 Lynhurst Terrance

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