Saturday, April 13, 2013

Adventure #163: The Dining Room

We have not been back to Hysan Place since the opening of 誠品書店, the famous Taiwanese book shop.  Hysan Place is the newest mall in HK Island.  There are many interesting new shops in there although the lay out is a little weird. Anyway, we were in the neighbourhood today after the kids' classes. 

There is a food court on the 11th floor which I thought looked rather interesting.  12th -14th floors are all restaurants. Today we picked The Dining Room 南小館 on the 12th.

The Dining Room serves Shanghainese food but the decor is very contemporary. Open and bright. Very nice.

Sweet and sour spare ribs 糖醋排骨 - very nicely done, meat was tender and sauce not too sweet.

Sichuan noodle 老重慶擔擔麵 - delicious but given the name (老重慶), it was not as spicy as I hoped.

Dry noodle with onions 蔥油開洋拌麵 - the kids loved this but I still prefer the one at Xiao Nan Guo. 

Stirred fried beans 煸四季豆 - very well cooked.  Spicy yet crunchy. Many restuarants over-cooked this dish. Not this one.

Xiao long bao with crab roe 蟹粉小龍包 - this is a bit disappointing.  Cannot taste the crap roe.  I guess for the price (I think less than $50 for the dish), can't expect too much.  I much prefer the ones I had at East Ocean Restaurant but that cost about $25 each. 

Fried rice 大良抄飯 - this was different and very delicious.  Best dish.

Nice decor and food quality was good.  We were there early on a Saturday, so not too crowded.  All in all, a very pleasant dining experience.

The Dining Room
Shop 1201, 12/F, Hysan Place
500 Hennessy Road Causeway Bay
Tel: 2648 2299

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