Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adventure #164: The Salted Pig

Flipping through some old magazines and saw a feature on Latin American food.  One of the restaurants featured was The Salted Pig.  According to the article, pork is more expensive than beef in Argentina and is only eaten on occasions.

The pork dishes featured were peasant type food but looked comforting, like pork stew and spicy roasted pork served on a bed of creamy scrambled eggs. So, we decided to give it a try.

The decor on one side of the restaurant is rather rustic and has bigger tables for groups of six and above.

On the other side however, the decor is more contemporary with cosier seatings for parties of 2 to 4 people.

We were seated on the more rustic side which I preferred.  There is no wine list, just choose servicing sized and type. We choose a small one (150ml I think as G drove) and Shiraz.  It was surprisingly good, although I still didn't what I had.

The bread rolls arrived. We were a little disappointed as the rolls were not warm.

I didn't find the featured dishes on the menu which doubled as a mat.  We asked the waiter and it seemed that the featured dishes were created specifically back in March to show case some Latin American food.  Rather disappointed so we ask the waiter to give us some recommendations instead.

Based on the waiter's recommendation we ordered Bacon-Wrapped Scallops served on a bed of broad bean, pea and mint mash, cider dressing.  I know.....not even a pork dish!  However, it was a good choice and the scallops were very well cooked and the mixture of broad bean, peas and mint was delicious.

For mains, it was a toss between:
(i)  The Crispy Skinned Pork Knuckle Regarded as Hong Kong's Best Pork Knuckle, marinated and cooked for 3 days to ensure perfect tenderness and a crispy skin. Served with home-made sauerkraut, roasted carrots and potatoes from their Salted Pig Sharing Feats menu or
(ii) Roasted Suckling Pig with roasted vegetables.
The waiter recommended the suckling pig.

While waiting for our suckling pig, the waitress started cutting up the pork knuckle dish right next to us.  We started to doubt our choice.

Our suckling pig dish arrived.  It looked really enticing.  The meat was soft and tender and full of flavour.  The roasted vegetables were great. The only flaw (deadly for this dish) was that the skin was not crispy enough. It didn't crack when bitten, it was actually a bit chewy!

G was very disappointed with the suckling pig, to him a crispy skin is vital to the dish.  So, after one look at the not very outstanding dessert menu, we decided to have dessert elsewhere, he didn't want to risk another disappointment.

Although the suckling pig was a let down, we only had 2 dishes here, one good and one fair.  So, unable to form a definitive view on the restaurant.  There are still many more dishes on the menu to try and most of the dishes are large and needed to be shared.  I think I will have to organising an eating party and come back here some time.

The Salted Pig
2/F, The L Place
139 Queen's Road Central
Tel: 2870 2323

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