Sunday, November 10, 2013

Adventure #199: Pik Wah Lau 碧华楼 (KL)

We have three November birthdays in the family, my dad, myself and the little one.  This year we celebrated it in KL with an unusual Sturgeon Feast 鱘龍宴.  An 8-course meal made entirely from a sturgeon. And each course has such wonderful Chinese name. Let's see if the food lives up to the name.

天馬行空 -天麻茯苓黨參清湯燉魚頭
First course is fish soup made from the fish head and Chinese herbs.

Very delicious!

Next came steam fish with ginger and dried orange peel. Sturgeon is a large fish and I expected the meat to be a bit tough but was surprised to find that it was juicy and tender.

Deep fried fish skin.  Crunchy and went well with the lemon and mint sauce. Tasted a bit like a Thai dish.

Deep fried fish soft bone with salt and pepper. Nice and crunchy.  Beer food!

Sturgeon sashimi. Luckily, this dish also came with a hot pot.  I was not too sure about sturgeon sashimi but had to try at lest a piece.  As expected, the texture of the meat is a bit tough.  However, once dipped in the hotpot, it became a whole new experience.  Much better cooked.

幹腸寸斷古方蔥段泡制魚幹和魚腸(didn’t have this, in steam egg instead)
They changed the menu on this dish. Instead of stir fried fish liver and intestine with ginger and spring onion, they cooked it in steamed egg.  This dish tasted fishy and was left mainly untouched.  The old menu would have removed the fishy smell of this dish.

Stir fried fish with bean sauce and pepper. An OK dish.

Fried rice with fish oil and scallop.  This is my favourite dish as the rice is dry and fragrant, very well made.  Unfortunately, we were all rather full by now.

This was a birthday dinner so dad had to order a birthday noodle. I still prefer the rice.

All in all, a very interesting meal.  Most of the dishes were good and definitely worth a try.

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