Friday, July 6, 2012

Adventure #81: Ah Tuan Ee's Place (The Curve)

Back from 4 days of sun, sea and not-so-good food at Pulau Redang.  Meeting some old friends for dinner tonight and am really looking forward to some good local food. Not hawker food though as we would like some where comfortable so we can sit and chat. G picked Ah Tuan Ee's Place, a nyonya restaurant.

We booked for 7pm but with the rain and the traffic, we didn't get started till about 8pm.  Oh well, that's Malaysian timing for you. While waiting I noted that by 7.30pm, only 4-5 (including us) tables were occupied. A rather worrying sign for a Friday night!  However, as it turned out, the food was rather delicious. Phew!

We ordered a beef rendang which was very tough, so we sent it back.  The restaurant took it back without a word and offered to either replace it or exchange it. Good service.  Rather than risking another plate of tough rendang, we exchanged it a fish dish.

aTe's golden tau hoo was fried tofu topped with a sweet-ish but very delicious mixed (couldn't tell what meat though!) meat topping.

Sambal kang kong, a must have dish. 

At the risk of being over-sambal-ed (if there is such a word! Haha), G ordered this egg plant with sambal for me (egg plant is my favourite veg).  Thanks dear and it was very good :)

This chicken kapitan was also very tasty. Never had it before but will certainly have it again.

Sambal prawns, cooked in spicy tamarind sauce with large onion rings.  Full of sambal flavour, a little sweet and not too spicy.  Very nice.

We swapped the beef rendang for the ikan belah belakang - black pomfret, stuff with aromatic chilli mix and deep fried.  The chilli mix was certainly very aromatic but the fish was a little dried.  Still a good dish.

The restaurant also serves Perut Ikan (in Malay means fish stomach), a well known (and apparently hard to find) nyonya dish made with 12 different type of veggies and herbs and then cooked with prawns and pickled fish maw.  Maybe try it next time.

Ah Tuan Ee's Place
The Curve, Level 1
Western Courtyard
Mutiara Damansara

Tel: +603-7710-3603

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