Friday, September 5, 2014

Adventure #231: L'ourcine (Paris)

We finally arrived in Paris, the capital of gourmet food! We only have 2 and a half days here! So much good food, so little time.........

After much time spent on the internet, taking into account where we were staying and where we wanted to visit, G narrowed our food destinations down to a few places.  

Today, we ventured out to a restaurant in the suburbs.  When we got there, it took us a while to find it.  The people in the suburbs are so much friendlier as several people stopped to ask us if we were lost!  We were the first patrons for lunch and wondered if we made the right choice.  However, it soon began to fill up and by the time we left, the place was nearly full.  Not bad given that the restaurant was definitely off the beaten path.

Bistro style dining.  
No fancy decor here but we came for the food not the decor.

Amuse bouche made of carrots, bacon bits and croutons.  Mouth wateringly delicious. Can't wait for our first course!

Salmon with salad and octopus ink sauce.  Looks so colourful and appetizing and it tasted refreshingly fabulous.

Terrine of foie gras with pickled mushroom.  The pickled mushrooms went amazingly well with the foie gras.  It doesn't look like much but the juxtaposition of flavours and textures were exquisite.

Crab with avocado mousse (The crab is hidden under the mousse). 
Made from my two favourite ingredients!!!   Very, very tasty!!!

Pork with vegetables.  Pork was succulent. Not as amazing as the beef cheek below but still very good.

Braised beef cheek stuffed in tomato.  The beef was tender and moist and the vegetable mix was so fresh and cooked al-dente.  The tomato sandwich was a delightful twist.

Fish pie. This was meant for the little one but it was so delicious, I had quite a few mouthfuls!  If we all weren't so full from our own dishes, we would have gobbled this up as well.

A dessert made from melons, honey, ginger and lime. Delicious and a great summer dessert.  G loved the combo as he is partial to ginger and lime.

I went for my favourite cherries.

We were very glad we made the extra effort to trek out specifically in search of this restaurant.  It is not often that G does this but he made a beeline to the chef's kitchen and complimented their cooking.  They probably didn't fully understand what he was saying but I am sure they understood his thumbs up sign.  In terms of value for money, it's definitely one of the best lunches we have ever had. 

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