Friday, September 7, 2012

Adventure #100: Indonesian Restaurant 1968

Had a craving for Indonesian Lontong, a dish made of compressed rice and served with coconut based vegetable soup.  So, I picked this restaurant called "1968" (one of the few Indonesian joints in HK).  G and I visited the original restaurant in CWB years ago.  He had a bad case of diarrhea after dinner and we never went back again.

1968 recently opened a branch in the the L Place in Central and here we are! The decor was simple but nice. Let's see if the food lived up to the decor.

The Gado Gado was a disappointment.  The peanut sauce was totally weak.  Not a good start.....

The fried kangkung was different to Malaysian style but good.

The Asam Prawns was by far the best dish.  A balance between sweet, sour  and spicy and the prawns were large and fresh.
Our ginger rice came in a cute little cone. Very nice, preferred this to plain white rice.

Once again, the beef rendang was not Malaysian style but good. The meat was tender.  Unfortunately, it came right after the excellent Asam Prawns, so didn't get the attention it deserved from us.

The duck was a bit like the Chinese aromatic duck, so a bit disappointed as it was not like the "bebek bertutu" we usually have in Bali.  Otherwise, a decent dish after we made the waitress changed the dipping sauce from the sweet chili sauce to a savoury one with more ooompf!

The Mango with Sticky Rice Pudding was terrible, may be coz it's not an Indonesian dessert.  Our fault.

The Banana Fritters with Ice-Cream was definitely what was needed to complete the meal.

They don't serve Lontong anymore, so that was a major disappointment (for me at least) but the food quality was good overall. Definitely a place to visit when the South-East Asian craving hits!

Indonesian Restaurant 1968
5/F, The L Place
139 Queen's Road Central
Tel: 2577 9981

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