Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adventure #101: Hong Kong Lao Shang Hai Restaurant

An old friend is visiting from Malaysia, so we do what Malaysians do - gather some Malaysian friends and have a feast!   This time we decided to give the Shanghainese restaurant in the basement of the Century Hotel in Wanchai a try.  It used to be 老正興飯店 and we used to eat there a lot, especially when our parents were in town. 

Like 老正興飯店, Lao Shang Hai Restaurant is also a Shanghainese restaurant. And since we are 10 strong, we can try many more dishes.  That's the beauty of Chinese cuisine!

We started off with 5 classic cold dishes.  All very well done.

Didn't know whether to order the drunken chicken (top top) or the drunken pigeon (top), so we ordered both. I think the drunken pigeon was slightly better as it had a stronger flavour.

Tofu with century egg, my favourite

烤麩, my favourite too

Chicken, noodle with peanut sauce, who can resist that

And the excellent cold dishes were followed by 8 main dishes......

The 龍井抄蝦仁 was very good.  Able to taste the tea infused into the prawns

This was a chicken dish which name I forgot!

乳腐方肉 is one of the signature dishes. Meat was very tasty.

清燉獅子頭 is also one of the signature dishes. Again very well done.

Sweet and sour fish, a must have in a Shanghainese restaurant. An ok dish.

To complete the meal, we had 2 veggie dishes乾煸四季豆 a classic Shanghainese dish.

Stir-fried spinach

This was 肉絲雙面黃, a noodle dish.  Wanted something different but ended up with this. Though not what I had wanted to order, it tasted good.

We conclude the dinner with 2 of G's favourite dessert, dumpling.....

......and 棗泥鍋餅

We didn't order any speciality dishes, all classic Shanghainese dishes and all great.  Still one of the better Shanghainese restaurants in HK.

Hong Kong Lao Shang Hai Restaurant
UG1, Novotel Century Hong Kong
238 Jaffe Road
Wan Chai
Tel: 2827-9339

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