Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adventure #107: Soi 38 (Bangkok)

Soi 38 is another one of our must visit destinations.  There is an enclave on the right in the beginning of the street with food that we really liked.  So, the plan today was to have a nice long Thai massage at the Asia Herb Association, a spa behind Emporium and then make our leisurely way to Soi 38 for a late dinner.

We didn't book ahead coz G didn't have the contact details, we thought we'd try our luck.  No luck today! The spa was fully booked and I was getting really hungry (the duck noodle this afternoon was only small), we made our way to Soi 38, getting there at around 6.30pm when the stalls were just opening up.  Tragedy - our favourite stalls in the enclave were not yet opened!!!

We asked around and were told that these stalls opened at around 8pm.  Hungry and disappointed, we walked down Soi 38 for the first time.

Towards the end of Soi 38, we came across a stall selling roast pork noodle 燒肉粉. The stuff on his stall looked really good, so we sat down and ordered.

Good choice.  It was very delicious. 

After food, brain started to work again.  Reluctant to leave without tasting our favourite noodle.  So, we crossed the main road, found a decent looking foot massage place and slept for 90 mins!

Then just after 8pm, we made our way back to Soi 38 to find the whole street alive with diners!

Dry wonton noodle with crab meat. 
Very different from the dry noodle we have in Malaysia but very delicious.

The stall near the entrance of the enclave serves very good Pha Thai and O Jian 蠔煎 but too full tonight to have any.

But we could not leave without the mango sticky rice from the store opposite.  So, we bought one to go!

A wonderful end to our long dinner

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