Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adventure #124: Snacks in Osaka

As with in Kyoto, we snacked through the day.  Here are some interesting ones we had in Osaka.

Custard Bun in Shinsaibashi

This is a chain store and can be found throughout Osaka.  We ordered the most standard item to try - custard filled bun.

Looked at that custard oozing from the bun!

Octopus Balls in Dontonburi

There are numerous stalls selling octopus balls scattered across the city but from our guide book, this stall was the most highly rated.  This can always be evidenced from the perpetual queue outside the stall.

Ice Dog in Amemura

Warm fried cinnamon hot bog bun filled with ice cold vanilla ice cream made from Hokkaido milk. 

The hot and cold sensation was incredible. Not an easy thing to eat - make sure you do not have sensitive teeth!

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