Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventure #177: Weisses Brauhaus (Munich)

Munich is famous for its brauhaus (beer house) and so we wanted to take the kids there for the experience.  There are two famous brauhaus's in Munich, Weisses Brauhaus and HofbrauhausWeisses Brauhaus is not the biggest but we think it is less touristy and the food is supposedly rather good.

We arrived for dinner early and so the place was still rather empty.

There was alfresco dinning but we preferred to experience the setting of a brauhaus. In any case, we got a window seat, so best of both worlds!

Weisses Brauhaus serves many different types of beer so we didn't know which to choose. The lady just gave us the most popular one which I think is one of the wheat beers.  Kids had a giant fanta each!

Chopped pork liver, in small slices, with roast onions and button mushrooms, served with parsley potatoes. G thought the liver was a bit tough unlike the Chinese ones but I liked it.  With the crispy onions and the mushroom sauce, I really enjoyed this dish.

Crisp roast porkling breast with sauerkraut and Semmelknodel (white bread dumpling).  We enjoyed the roast/smoked pork at Burger-Keller and so we ordered this.  The pork was rather tough and the dumpling rather tasteless.  All in all, not a popular dish. 

Pork knuckle with crisp and crackling crust and Schneider-wheat-beer gravy, served with Kartofelknodel (potato dumpling) and coleslaw. Finally, our first pork knuckle on this trip.  Looked really good.  Skin crispy and meat very tender.  Kids much preferred this.

Weisses Brauhaus is not very big (we have only seen the ground floor) and the atmosphere cosy.  I think it is a nice place to enjoy a typical brauhaus.  May possibly get rowdier later in to the night but we will never know...

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