Monday, July 1, 2013

Adventure #176: La Fontana (Nordlingen)

Arrived in Nordlingen, a little town built on top of a 15 million-year-old meteorite crater and our stop-over destination for the night. After settling down at our lodgings for the night, we wandered into town for a walk and then looked for dinner.  Not wanting to miss out on good local food, we actually went in search of 2 restaurants which was recommended by our guidebook and both were closed!  Luckily, luck didn't totally abandon us and we came across a little Italian pizzeria (yup not German) near the main square. 

Housed in an old (18th century?) corn storage, this restaurant called La Fontana, was buzzing with diners.  The weather was nice and there were tables outside, so we plonked ourselves down for the evening.

Started with half a litre of house wine which turned out to be very decent.

Both G and the older one had Pizza Margherita.  The pizza was super thin and fresh. Delicious! Very lucky to have found this restaurant as the kids were a bit tired of sausages (although only the third day into our 2-week journey!)

I had a Pizza with salami. Equally delicious.

The little one had a spaghatti Bolognese. She loved it.

Definitely an unexpected find and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  This was compounded by the wonderful weather and the alfesco dinning.

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