Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adventure #181: Restaurant 7 (Merano)

We were walking along the main street in Merano and was looking for lunch.  Most of the restaurants with tables along the street looked very touristy and the food not very inviting.  That is until we past this one.

It was a very beautiful day.  The restaurant was very big but practically empty inside.  All the 10 odd tables outside were taken as soon as they were vacated.  We were lucky to get one.

Spritz - our new favourite drink. A very popular drink in northern Italy and a very appropriate drink in such sunny weather.

It was a rather hot day so I didn't feel much like eating. So we had 3 mains to share. First to arrive was the cheese ravioli.  Very rich but delicious.

Even the most standard dish - the spaghetti looked inviting.  Ingredients fresh and very tasty.

Fish on a bed of spinach and peas mixture.  It was so good even the little one (who won't eat green veggies) ate it without any complaints!

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