Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adventure #180: Restaurant im Seehotel Gruner Baum (Hallstatt)

Hallstatt is a very beautiful lakeside town in Austria. So beautiful that a Chinese businessman replicated the entire town in China!  

We stayed the night in Hallstatt. Since many tourists are day visitors, there aren't many restaurants in town.  Luckily, the one in the hotel right next to ours looked very decent. 

This is a rather high end restaurant but the waiters don't really speak English. Took us a while to order a beer.
We were in Austria, so I chose to have a schnitzel. It was very good, especially with the berry jelly.

G ordered a grilled trout fished from the lake. He loved it.

The older one had a lasagna which she thought was very good.

And the little one had a very normal but delicious spaghetti.
It was a very enjoyable meal. The weather was pretty cold, so instead of the outdoor terrace, we sat indoors. However, as the restaurant had a very high ceiling and very large windows, and with a table facing the window, we still managed to have a meal with a view.

Marktplatz 104
Hallstatt 4830

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