Friday, July 5, 2013

Adventure #178: Afro Cafe (Salzburg)

After a leisurely afternoon wandering through the streets of Salzburg, we ended the day at the Modern Art Museum, which also houses the restaurant we wanted to visit - M32.  Unfortunately, M32 was closed for the day for private function.

As an alternative, we went down the street to Afro Cafe.  We chose this because it looks really funky from the outside!  The photos we took were a bit dark, so I "borrowed" some from their website.  The decors were made from recycled materials - rubbish!

Head made of bicycle seat, nose made of something knitted, ears made of shoe soles and horns made of bottle caps. Funky!

Spare ribs with peanut-chili sambal, pita, sour creme and harissa. The ribs were nicely barbecued and the peanut-chili sambal sauce was heavenly! And the portion was also very large so everyone got a share of this wonderful dish.

Afro-chicken breast with lentil ragout and coriander. The chicken was tender and the lentil mixture was absolutely delicious. We rarely eat lentils but we polished off the whole lot. 

Roast pork on okra with fried bananas.  This was the weakest dish of all. Maybe because we weren't huge okra fans. The fried bananas were interesting though.

Waffles with cream, fresh fruits and maple syrup.  Standard dessert. No surprises but well received by the kids.

Panacotta with pineapple compost.  This is a more adult dish than the waffles and we enjoyed this very much.

This was a very interesting find.  The decor was funky and thoroughly entertaining.  The food, although different, was good. A nice change from Bavarian food.

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