Friday, March 8, 2013

Adventure #148: Beijing Kitchen (Macau)

What started out as a sisters only weekend in Macau became a family reunion with mum and dad coming along.  After work on Friday, I rushed over to Macau to join them for dinner at Beijing Kitchen at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

I was told that the Peking Duck at this restaurant was really good. Baked in the traditional way with fragrant wood 老式果木烤鴨.

Restaurant decor is modern but mixed with some traditional stuff.

Loved the tea themed decor.

The table was booked for 7pm and the pre-ordered Peking Duck was due to be served at 7.30pm. After we placed our orders for the other dishes, the waiter asked if we wanted the other dishes served before or after the Peking Duck. We said before - not a good idea as everything seems to arrive at the same time!
Spare ribs in fried garlic. Very good. Ribs moist but fried garlic remained dry and fragrant.

The standard veggie dish 津白

Sweet and sour fish. OK.

Fried rice which should be served last came before the duck. Other than this mistake, the rice was good.

Finally the duck arrived. The chef sliced the duck expertly by the table.

First came the skin with the condiments.  The slicing was really good. The skins crispy, hardly any fat and with no meat on it.  Good job!

Then came the rest of the duck meat.  I rather enjoyed this dish. It was good but no better than what I can get in HK. Mum didn't like the texture of the pancake which was slightly thicker and chewer than she was used to.

Finally, the rest of the duck.  Stir fried (dry) duck bones with salt and pepper.  We were rather full by then, so we took this back to the hotel and had it later with the bottle of red wine I brought with me.  Heavenly!

All in all, the quality of food was good. Nice decor and good service.  If the food had been served a little slower, the whole experience would have been more enjoyable. The location of the restaurant made it a good dinner place before or after the Dancing Water show.

Beijing Kitchen
1/F, City of Dreams
Estrada do Istmo
Cotai, Coloane-Taipa
Tel: +853-8868-1234

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