Saturday, March 30, 2013

Adventure #154: 四眼仔 (Petaling Street)

No more room in our stomach but still so much more good food around.  So, we decided to take away for dinner.  One of G's favourite food in Petaling Street is Roast Duck from 四眼仔 (literally four-eyed guy or the one with spectacles).  Choong Peng Phooi started this stall (take away only) some 40 years ago.  He has since retired and the stall is now run by his 2 daughters.

Roast duck at RM46 for 1. They also sell a Duck Foot Parcel - duck liver wrapped in duck web for RM1.50 each.

The sisters working together to a perpetual queue.  One sister chops tirelessly.

The other wraps up the ducks.

Mum the banker collects money and sometimes help out.

The duck was moist and tender. The meat salty and also had a slightly smoky flavour to it. As good as we remembered.

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