Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adventure #234: Ocean

It was a couple of weeks after returning from France before we were ready for some rich western cuisine.  This evening we were invited to have dinner at a private kitchen in Happy Valley called Ocean.

It was on the 1st floor of an old building with very steep stairs. But once inside, the atmosphere is cool and calm.

This private kitchen is what the owners called 福音私房菜. The owners are Christians and the wife and the restaurant's namesake will tell diners all the miracles associated with the opening and running of this restaurant.

Something to wet the appetite - strawberry with foie gras.

Baked US oysters with hollandaise sauce and tomato provencal. We were to eat the hollandaise sauce one first and then the tomato.  Very well made, really enjoyed them.

Cream of mushroom.  Smooth and full of mushroom flavour.  One of the best mushroom soup I have had. Excellent!

Lime granite - to clear the palate and ready for the main course!

Although the restaurant also offered a chicken dish and a seafood dish, all of us chose the beef dish.  We were told that this dish is not always on the menu. They were celebrating their 3rd anniversary and thus this signature dish is back on the menu for a limit period of time.

12-hour slow cook Australian Wagyu beef cheek with lettuce mashed potato and port wine jus.  This is truly a great dish. The beef is so flavourful and just melts in the mouth. Heavenly!

Rasberry panna cotta with lychee jell-o, strawberry ice cream and mixed berries. I ordered this for both G and I because we just loved panna cotta. I later changed to the dish below.  The panna cotta was good but after a heavy dish like the beef cheek, a lighter dessert is perhaps a better choice.

Coconut and pineapple in five texture. I won't normally choose this as I am not a fan of coconut.  But this turned out to be quite enjoyable. It was light and different from the traditional dessert.

Finished with a choice of coffee or pukka tea.  A wonderful end to an excellent meal!

1/F, 9 Sing Woo Road
Happy Valley
Tel: 3480 0512

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