Saturday, September 6, 2014

Adventure #232: Jeanne B (Paris)

After a great lunch at L'ourcine, we spent the afternoon wandering around Montmatre.  It was very touristy and I think I saw someone being pick-pocketed!  Glad all our things were intact throughout the trip. 

There were lots of restaurants in this area but somehow you get the feeling all were tourist traps.  Most of the restaurants we walked past were full to the brim but when you looked at the food that was on their tables, you were glad that you weren't having that for dinner.  Anticipating that, we did some research as to recommended restaurants in the area and decided upon a deli cum restaurant called Jeanne B, also off the beaten path and main tourist drag.  We didn't book ahead but they managed to squeeze us in for an early dinner if we could finish in an hour and the half.  We always do!

Loved the deli style layout.

The wine list. How creative!

Carpaccio de tomatoes. Small but refreshing.

Homemade foie gras.  We didn't have much of this during this trip, so maybe one before we leave.  Very rich!

The signature dish, lobster sandwich. Simple yet delicious.

Also ordered this rabbit pie.  Popular with the little one, as long as she didn't know it's rabbit.

Prune tart.  Love the fruit tarts in France.  The tanginess, yum.

Meringue floating on chocolate sauce.  Well, the kids literally took over this one.

A good and simple meal in a very relaxing atmosphere.  Good choice.  No way we will eat in any of the tourist joints we saw along the way.

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