Monday, September 1, 2014

Adventure #228: Tout Le Monde (Douarnenez)

From our base in Pont Croix, we drove to explore the surrounding sites. We spent the morning walking around Pointe du Raz, the western most point in France.  What a beautiful place!

After Pointe du Raz, we drove to Douarnenez, one of the larger cities in this area hoping to find lunch.  Dournenez used to be an old sardine port. It has a self-guided walking tour (the Sardine Trail) which shows the history of the struggles of the sardine workers, especially the women. 

We arrived at Douarnenez after the French lunch hour. Even though it is a large-ish town, most restaurants were still closed.  While on our way to the old port, we walked passed one of the creperies which incidentally is on our list of recommended eating places.

They were about to close for the afternoon but the lady said if we were fast to order and eat, she will accommodate us. That's easy!

2 La complete - a simple dish but very well done. the older one said this was the best she had so far!

2 crepe with sugar.
A quick and simple lunch.  Not the gourmet we were hoping for but for a crepery, it was super food.

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