Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Adventure #235: Le Souk

Felt like having something different tonight and finally decided on middle eastern food. We then picked Le Souk in Soho.

The restaurant was not big but very colourful décor.

Was recommended this Egyptian beer.  A little sweeter than normal once. Quite nice, more of a lady's beer.

Our starters: Hommos with grilled lamb and Lebanese Babaganoush. The hommos very creamy and the lamb soft and succulent. As for the babaganoush, I am a great fan of eggplant, so what can I say. Served with warm pita bread, it was so good, we finished every last bit!

Chicken Tagine - we ordered this so the kids have something to eat. And they loved it.

Cous cous a Le Souk - a signature dish.  The roasted lamb shank was wonderful.  Juicy and soft.  Served with veg and cous cous.  The bowl of sauce (soup?) seemed a bit redundant.

A selection of homemade Baklava pastries.  Not the best we have had.
We really enjoyed this meal. A first for the kids and a change from the usual western cuisine.

Le Souk
4 Staunton Street
Tel: 2522 2128

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