Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adventure #82: O&S (Sea Park)

Today, we went to O&S in Sea Park for lunch. I don't recall ever being there but G had been and likes it. It is a very popular place with lots of very good quality hawker stalls. And hence, it was a nightmare looking for parking.  We drove around a couple times and eventually found one.  Just as we were about to turn left into the space, a motorbike tried to squeeze through past us on the left! This is one of the irritating things about driving in Malaysia.  Crazy people on motorbikes trying to squeeze past everything not realising that most of the time the driver in the car cannot see them. We had so many near misses this time.

Anyway, he was caught between the parked car and our car.  Scratched the side of our door with his steering handle.  And what could we do? He didn't looked like he could afford to pay us, so we had to let him go.  Just hope the food is good enough to make up for this mishap!

The freid keoy teow looked and tasted very good.  Up to the standard of the Penang ones.

Same could be said for the prawn noodle.

This chee cheong fun stall serves Penang chee cheong fun - i.e with prawn paste sauce. G didn't like the sauce, so I order one with normal sweet sauce.  Mistake. No good.
Food's good.  Better luck next time, I hope!

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