Monday, July 2, 2012

Adventure #80: 十號胡同 (KL)

十號胡同 at Lot 10, KL is the first to host some of the most famous hawkers in KL under one roof thus creating a comfortable eating environment (air-con!) for its patrons.  There are about 20 hawkers in there but we only frequent our favourite few.  These hawkers were supposedly favourites of YTL's CEO, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and he invited them to open at his food court.  How wonderful it is to be super rich!!!

Today, after running some errands in town, this became a natural stopping place for lunch.

Wanton noodle at 何榮記 is a must have for us. Not only because the noodle is always excellent, the original shop is no longer.  The owner sold its SS2 shop which is now Chen Meng Kee Noodle House.

Quality still excellent.

We didn't have time to pop over to Penang this time, so we went for the next best thing.

The Penang fried keoy teow tasted as good as it looked.

Finally, some dry ho fun.

Not as good as the one at Jalan Imbi......

Lot 10
Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

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