Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventure #90: Daruma Ramen House

Once again, we drove to Tai Hang wanting to try 民聲冰室. has temporarily closed and opened a branch in Sau Kei Wan!!! And since we were already at Tai Hang which is full of little eateries, we decided to try Daruma Ramen.  There is usually a long queue outside but since we were early, we didn't have to wait. Daruma is famous for it ramen in pork bone soup base 豬骨湯拉麵.

G order the supreme ramen 一品豚骨拉麵 which he thought was excellent! Soup base great, egg runny (a must for G), ramen just the right texture. Most interesting of all was the dollop of fish egg roe  明太子

Mine was the same but with the spicy soup base.

Just for fun I thought I would order something different to drink.  I asked the waiter what's a 波子氣水.  He was like - you never had it before? Well, no. So, that's what I got.  Anyway, it's called 波子氣水 coz it has a glass marble half way down the bottle (can't really see it in the picture).  Tasted like cream soda. G called it bubble gum soda. 

The ramens were really good.  Wasn't disappointed at all.  Definitely come back again.

Daruma Ramen House
92E, Tung Lo Wan Road
Tai Hang
Tel: 2565 6600

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