Friday, July 27, 2012

Adventure #88: Fofo by el Willy

Tonight for a change, we decided to try Spanish food. Fofo by el Willy sounded rather interesting. Although we booked late in the week, we managed to get a table for 2, even if it was by the entrance.

The restaurant, at the top floor of M88 was beautifully decorated.  I particularly like the white penguins lining the walls and on top of the lightings.  Not to mention the pig above the leg of ham!

Instead of bread, we were given a Spanish version of bruschetta to start our dinner.

Worth mentioning was the service which was very good.  Waiters were polite and attentive.  When we ordered just 1 order of soup to share, they even split it into 2 bowls for us.

Gazpacho - traditional cold tomato soup with vegetables
The best gazpacho we ever had was at a restaurant in Cordoba. Although this was not as good, it was a very close second.

Gambas al Ajillo - saute prawns with garlic & lemon
Prawns were fresh and served with lots of garlic, couldn't really taste the lemon though

Organic eggs cooked at 63 degrees in crispy potatoes & onion nest with chorizo
This can be served either with Iberian ham 36 months, foie gras & truffle or chorizo. We chose chorizo because we think it would go well with the eggs and we were right! Remember not to order with foie gras & truffle.

Mixed before eating.  The runny eggs together with the salty chorizo and the crispy potatoes.  So much texture and so much flavour. Best dish of the night!

Cochinillo - crispy suckling pig with potatoes, onions & black truffle gratin
We are fans of crispy suckling pig and this was very well done. 

Montadito de foie gras - pan fried foie gras with truffle & confit onions
We were a bit disappointed with this dish.  I prefer foie gras with something fruity, I think it brings out the flavour of the foie gras.  Foie gras with truffle sounds good but doesn't taste as good - too rich.  We had to scrape every last bit of the the fine line balsamic vinegar on the edge of the plate to complement the foie gras.

I like the plates which they changed after every course.

Churros - Spanish crispy fried doughs with warm chocolate & vanilla ice cream
For the finale, it was a tussle between Fofo's special apple tart and the more traditional Spanish dessert, churros dipped in chocolate.  The churros won out and to us it tasted better than the renowned churos joint that we had in Madrid on or last trip there. This was a wonderful end to this wonderful dinner.

The food we had tonight was very good.  Definitely come again.  Would be better if there were 4 of us instead of 2.  Then we would have been able to sample more dishes.

Fofo by el Willy
20/F, M88
2-8 Wellington Street
Tel: 2900 2009

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